Quality Services

A Range of Quality Related Services

I can provide consultation, including reviews and audits of processes and practitioners, products and services such as:

Laboratory review:

  • Analytical DNA methods & laboratory processes – scientific validity and efficiency
  • DNA Laboratory design
  • DNA anti-contamination procedures in the whole forensic process
Quality review:
  • Quality systems – effectiveness of processes, including review and revision of quality documents
  • Implementing best practice to streamline and improve analytical methods and interpretation
  • Setting and acting on quality trials and audits
  • Investigation of quality failures – for laboratory & opinion-based work, with recovery plans and amended quality document
  • Pre-UKAS audit assessment – to ISO17025 & ENFSI standards
  • Audit risk assessment and strategy planning

A comprehensive report will be provided, and where relevant, this can be followed up by provision of written and oral evidence in court proceedings.

Informal enquires are welcome, and I am happy to discuss any individual requirements.